Soddy Daisy Man Charged In Connection With Underage Drinking Party; 12 Youths Cited To Court

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Tyrone Houser
Tyrone Houser

Tyrone Franklin Houser has been charged in connection with a party his son threw for his girlfriend, where at least a dozen youths were cited to court for underage drinking.

Houser, 53, was charged with furnishing alcoholic beverages to an underage adult.

In the incident on Aug. 13, several deputies said they were dispatched at 1:26 a.m. on a noise complaint at 11126 Worley Road. The person complaining said there was a party occurring in a field near the house where people were drinking and being loud.

The complainant also said there had been numerous complaints about this location "and deputies never do anything about it."

Several sheriff personnel said they met with Houser's son, 20-year-old Austin Heat Houser. He told them it was private property and wanted to know what the police were doing there.

He was told there had been a noise complaint.

Austin Houser said his father owned the "abandoned field" and the people had a right to be there. 

Tyrone House arrived shortly after the officers, who said they heard him scolding his son, saying he had told him not to come out of the field if law enforcement showed up "because he knew that Austin and his friends were drinking and partying."

Sheriff personnel said Tyrone Houser told his son not to cooperate with deputies in any way "next time" and to make deputies walk up into the field, where they would get muddy and take more time locating everyone in the field.

Tyrone House also said it was "not right" that people were being cited for underage drinking, and said next time he and his son would not cooperate with law enforcement.

Tyrone House left before he could be cited. Deputies said they were busy citing those located in the field with alcoholic beverages.

Austin Houser
Austin Houser

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