Chattanooga Firefighters Fill The Boot For Muscular Dystrophy Association

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Members of the Chattanooga Fire Department and Chattanooga Fire Fighters Association Local 820 are wrapping up their 2018 Fill the Boot fundraising campaign to help kids and adults with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related muscle-debilitating diseases live longer and grow stronger.


Firefighters from the Chattanooga Fire Department and Chattanooga Fire Fighters Association Local 820 will be asking the community to make a donation to MDA starting Thursday until Saturday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the following locations:

Quint 1 – 4th St and Mable St

Ladder 1 – Main St. & Central

Squad 1 – Broad St. & Aquarium Way

Quint 2 – Market St & Main St

Quint 3 – Entrance of Walmart & Cummings Rd

Engine 4 – Dodson Ave & Wilcox Blvd

Engine 5 – Main St & Willow St

Quint 4 – Bailey Ave & Willow St

Quint 6 – Bonny Oaks Dr & Hwy 58

Quint 7 – Lee Hwy & Relocation Way (Food City)

Squad 7 – Jenkins Rd (intersection by Tiger Mart)

Quint 8 – Shallowford Rd & Hamilton Place Blvd

Engine 9 – Rossville Blvd & Dodds Ave

Quint 10 – Wilder St & Dodson Ave

Engine 12 – Frazier Ave & Forrest Ave

Quint 13 – Greenway View Dr. & Brainerd Rd

Squad 13 – Igou Gap Rd & Gunbarrel Rd

Quint 14 – St. Elmo Ave & 38th St

Engine 15 – Moore Rd & Shallowford Rd

Quint 16 – Lupton Dr & Hixson Pike

Quint 17 – Mountain Creek Rd & Signal Mtn. Blvd

Quint 19 – North Point Rd & Hixson Pike

Squad 19 – North Point Rd & Hixson Pike

Squad 20 – Brown Ferry Rd & Cummings Rd

Quint 21 – E. Brainerd Rd & Graysville Rd (Walmart parking lot) 

Engine 22 – Walmart Entrance and Exit behind Chick-Fil-A on Hwy 153


“The dedication and passion for MDA’s mission that the Chattanooga Fire Fighters show is so remarkable,” said Regional Manager of Firefighter Partnerships, Holly Carroll. “We’re grateful for the support of these inspiring, selfless individuals who provide life-saving help that will fund research, advocate for children and adults affected by muscle disease, and rally our community to fight back.” 
 “Our Fill the Boot campaign is very important to us,” said Fire Chief Phil Hyman. “We’ve seen what muscular dystrophy can do and we’re asking for the public’s support in fighting this terrible disease.” Funds raised through 2018 Chattanooga Fill the Boot events empower families with life-enhancing resources and support that open new possibilities and maximize independence, so they can experience the world without any limits.

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