Seminar To Help Chattanooga Area Parents Learn To Navigate Teen Technology Set For Oct. 22

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hixson United Methodist Church is partnering with Hixson Middle School, Northside Neighborhood House, Helen Ross McNabb Centers and The Family Justice Center to host a seminar to discuss teenage internet safety, technology addiction, social media, cyberbullying, sexting and other topics. 

“We guarantee you will leave this event with specific steps you and your family can take to safeguard your home and children's lives,” organizers said.  "How young people use technology is creating more teenage anxiety, depression, isolation and addiction than ever before. Parents today struggle enough with engaging their child in 'real life,' not to mention keeping up with them in the digital world. How can parents and families be prepared to deal with this hidden challenge?"

This evening seminar entitled "Becoming a Tech Savvy Parent" is for parents of middle and high school students. The program will be held on Monday, Oct. 22 at Hixson Middle School Gymnasium beginning at 6 p.m.  Dinner will be provided by Northside Neighborhood House at 5:30 p.m., and is available with pre-registration here.

Speaker Brian Housman, of 360Family, offers encouragement and coaching as parents take on the intimidating process of understanding their teenage student’s digital world, officials said.

“Just imagine that for a day you could live the life of a tenth-grade boy or an eighth-grade girl,” says Mr. Housman. “You could go to all the places they go, see the things they see, hear the things they hear and participate in all of their life’s activities, both real and digital, but maintain your adult mind. It would be a shock to any parent’s system. It’s difficult to make sense of what you experience.”

According to Hixson United Methodist Student Ministry Director Kevin Gray, “The teen years are a rough and confusing time for a lot of kids. Teens are trying to figure out who they are and what their lives are about. Add to that the complicated issues that come with access to an entire world of digital information and you’ve got a lot to navigate. What students really need are parents that are willing to model for them and help them figure out how to set their own boundaries in order to make mature choices.”

Learning how to help a teen avoid digital landmines like sexting, cyberbullying, addiction to social media and the isolation that follows can be an overwhelming task without some help. “Many times a parent simply doesn’t know how to effectively protect their families with all the changes taking place in our fast paced technological world,” says Mr. Housman. “This seminar gives you the practical tools you need to become a relevant part of your teen’s digital life.”

360Family is a Memphis-based non-profit organization that provides support and training for parents, teachers and churches. For more information on this upcoming event, contact Hixson United Methodist Church Student Ministry Office at 423-877-1246.

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